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My Tour of Wisconsin State Parks 2003

by Lisa C. Corcoran

This is a collection of photos from the tour I took of Wisconsin with Jim and Kelly the dog in the summer of 2003. First, we drove straight north from Chicago, along Lake Michigan, all the way to Door county in Wisconsin.

Most of the time we could see Lake Michigan to the right of us. We passed Milwaukee, including the Budweiser factory and then we were really out there, and finally we started seeing the sights.

Throughout the entire trip every hour or so, we stopped and gave Kelly the dog little drinks of water. And to keep Kelly cooled off we poured cups of water on her fur, especially on the back of her neck . She likes that a lot, especially when we use the melted ice water from the cooler.And the lucky dog also went for a swim at Potawatomi State Park in Door County.Please see photo as described below.

maptour.jpg - 49364 Bytes

Map of Tour beginning in Chicago

When we stopped to camp at night in Door County, Jim unsuspectingly set up his tent under a raining tree. All night long and through the next morning the tree rained on Jims tent.During the night the raining even got stronger. I kept thinking I would be wet any minute, but I didnt want to get up so I tried to keep on sleeping. I kept wondering how I wasnt soaked with all the sound of rain falling on Jims tent.

In the morning I noticed that nobody else got rained on, I was dry as could be. Only on Jims tent did it rain.Jim has written a poem about it called "Raining Tree".

The main purpose of this car trip was to have fun and photograph state parks and forests in Wisconsin. When we reached Gills Rock at the tip of Door county, we were as far north as we could possibly go without falling in the lake. We turned around and headed south, going through some of the most scenic towns in Door County, including Sister Bay, Ellison Bay and Egg Harbor.

Next we changed our direction, and headed straight west across Wisconsin, almost going all the way to Minnisota.We had to stop often and scrape off all the thick bugs from our windshield.The park rangers told us that they were having a very good year for mosquitos this summer.They were big, juicy and hungry too. Mosquitos always love to bite me, so I had to wear a thick jean jacket with a flannel lining when I was outside at night, they could not bite through it.The jacket is so thick it bent their little stingers.

When we got to western Wisconsin we saw a few Amish boys in grey Amish hats, they were about twelve years old, and were walking along the road.The Amish boys were watching a couple of bikers making a lot or racket riding and blasting their bikes through the town.The Amish boys had this look on their face, like the devil was with with those biker guys, Jim and I laughed and agreed.

When we reached WildCat Mountain State Park, We stopped and waited for Jims friend to show up. Jim was supposed to meet his advisor from New Trier High school from back in the early 1970's. Jims advisor quit his job in the 1970's at New Trier, said goodbye to suburban life, and moved to Wisconsin and became a farmer.Unfortunately we did not find Jims friend at Wildcat Mountain, and we would later find out he was there too! We tried the cell phone and it said no network available!

The area we were in was northwestern Wisconsin, which was quite hilly and everything was very green this time of year which is the beginning of July.The climb was so high and steep up Wildcat Mountain that we had to change gears in the Jeep to 4 wheel drive.

We hope and plan on photographing as many more state forests and parks as possible, and we will add to this web page as we visit all the places.Happy camping.

wiscjulybeach2.jpg - 150764 Bytes

Kohler-Andrae State Park-Wisc-South Eastern Wisc-Lake Michigan

wiscjulypointreyes1.jpg - 132209 Bytes

Point Beach State Forest-Southeastern Wisc-Lake Michigan

wiscjuly2003budweiser.jpg - 217757 Bytes

Budweiser Factory-Milwaukee, Wisconsin

wiscjulynewport1.jpg - 159614 Bytes

Newport State Park-Northern Wisconsin-Tip of Door County

wiscjuly2003kellywater.jpg - 232070 Bytes

Kelly relaxing on a rocky beach at Potawatomi State Park in Door County.wiscjuly2003c.jpg - 197623 Bytes

Near WildCat Mountain State Park-Northwestern Wisconsin

wiscjulyrock1.jpg - 288334 Bytes

Near WildCat Mountain State Park-Northwestern Wisconsin

wiscjuly2003famphoto.jpg - 200070 Bytes

Farm near WildCat Mountain State Park

wiscjuly2003haystacks.jpg - 171506 Bytes

Wisconsin Hay Stacks

wiscjuly2003rockphotos2.jpg - 278689 Bytes

Near WildCat Mountain State Park-Northwestern Wisconsin

wiscjuly2003view.jpg - 285746 Bytes

Ellison Bay, Wisconsin-Northern Door County


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