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Computer Training in your Home or Business

Since 1989, ComputerMaven Studios has been helping businesses with their technology needs. We offer a full range of products and solutions. We provide training, help desk support and maintenance.

We start first with you and your business and what you wish to accomplish, and then we talk technology. Whether you are installing new hardware, upgrading your current system; if you require on-site training or service, are troubleshooting a systems problem or even dabbling in a new computer hobby at home, ComputerMaven Studios is here to provide expertise.

Advancing technology is placing demands on developers for more frequent updates of applications, even the creation of totally new software ideas that go beyond the concepts that we know as "computing." Entire operating systems have been revamped multiple times over just the past few years! It can be difficult to stay on top of all the latest technologies, and indeed why should you have to? We are prepared to train your staff in the latest in application software, all facets of the Internet and the "in's and out's" of Windows (all versions). If your office is staffed with people who become flustered with the idea of "new," or you want to upgrade to the latest in application software and have no time to train your staff, contact us for training information. From training one-on-one to entire classroom training sessions, we will accommodate your schedule needs.

Do You Need An E-Commerce Web Site?

An E-Commerce website means that you have decided to sell your products right from your site. The Cyber-Marketplace is rapidly becoming the choice of many. From the comfort of a home computer anyone can compare products and services with much greater efficiency than driving a vehicle from business to business! Could your business benefit by being online? Let us help you evaluate your possibilities.

We will put you online: register your own domain name, design a website which will showcase your product or service, post your site on the World Wide Web, set-up your e-mail account, configure your system(s) for Internet access, and even register your site with the top search engines to afford you more exposure!

Maybe you simply need an easy way to provide access to information for your members or clients, or you want to sell products or services, we have the solutions for your ideas, and will make them a reality for you. Our artists can create your logo,graphics or whatever you can think of for use in ads, letterhead, brochures and all your marketing materials. We can even put your business or home graphics and logos on customized letterhead, t-shirts, signs, holiday cards or most anything you have dreamed of.

Custom Training for You on Your Schedule

If you're like a lot of parents, your 8 year old can out click you. Or you don't know how to get on the Internet? We offer tutoring one-on-one in your home (as well as on-site group training sessions) -- individualized training tailored to your needs. Expert training in today's most popular software applications, as well as basic Windows training (all versions)and Mac, smart phone,android,ipad and more! We will help you to set up your Internet account, configure your software and explain how to e-mail and &;surf the Web.;